What is RARA?

Royal Arch Research Assistance (R.A.R.A.) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt foundation incorporated in the State of Kentucky in 1974. The purpose of the organization is to research and promote solutions to Central Auditory Processing Disorder or CAPD.

It is governed by a Board of Directors who are all Royal Arch Masons. The General Grand High Priest is the President. The Board Secretary receives all contributions, keeps records, and sends out receipts, certificates, and awards.

Each works with the R.A.R.A. Representatives and the Ambassadors for each state, together with the Regional Deputy General Grand High Priest to coordinate Chapter. In this way, the Grand Chapters in their Regions will be encouraged to participate publicly to demonstrate our community involvement. Through greater visibility to the public, the hope is to generate a greater commitment to this endeavor and promote Royal Arch Masonry.

There are three Regional Coordinators to provide public relations and fundraising assistance under the direction of the Executive Director.

The R.A.R.A. Board of Directors is committed to identifying and supporting those scientists who are searching for treatment regimens and eventually a cure for CAPD.

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